Today my heart is full. Our little nephew was born this morning – 4 weeks early, but healthy. I’m thankful for that and that his mom is healthy too. Now that little muffin is a pretty sweet gift. My brother-in-law has been over the moon during the whole pregnancy, so I am very happy his family is doing fine. I just love holding babies, and then returning them to their rightful owners.

I’m also grateful to have my health. I am what some might call middle-aged (not to my face though, please), although I definitely don’t feel that way. I am thankful every day that I can walk, run, jump, and lift weights, even though I don’t always do any of those things. The only significant health problem I can think of is my couch potato-itis, which really seems to be more of a mental disorder than a physical issue.

On that note I did make it to the gym this morning. I had just read Marc Parent’s “Newbie Chronicles” in this month’s Runner’s World magazine. If you haven’t read it, the story is about running every day from Thanksgiving to Christmas. He finds a way to get out there even if it’s for 1 mile. And I thought to myself – well I can get out there for 1 mile too (always happy to take the easy way out). I started out thinking of doing just 1 mile, but the funny thing about working out is that once I’m there I’m happy to stay. So I did 2 miles. Then I did some ab work and planks (2 minutes, thankyouverymuch), stretched and went on my merry way. What was supposed to be a quick 20 minutes at the gym turned into a full hour. And then if you count the last minute shopping (I do, of course), which is a competitive sport this close to Christmas, then I got in a full body workout today. In the rain. And that reminds me that I need to get myself a pair of waterproof running kicks asap.

I’m also grateful for my husband. He cooked me dinner while I reflected on the day. He is a fine cook, funny, interesting, and he keeps me from spinning into outer orbit, which may or may not happen from time to time. I dunno, you’d have to ask him. But he’s busy, so don’t bother him now…

So I consider myself very lucky. Today has been a good day. A new nephew to cuddle, gifts for my loved ones, a full belly, and another step toward a fitter me. No complaints. Not even about the wet feet.




2 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. A day of blessings! So happy to hear that mom and baby are doing well. Our thoughts and prayers and love are with this precious addition to the family

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