From Bootcamp to Boozeface

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone is having a lovely day. I certainly am. I spent last night with the husband’s side of the family, and I have to say that I totally lucked out in the in-law department. They are fabulously generous and lovely people all. We spent the evening at my sisters-in-law’s, eating, drinking, and general merry-making, while watching the newest addition on the webcam (our little nephew couldn’t be with us unfortunately). I just love technology. And I am beyond thrilled to be an auntie once again.

Today we’ll spend with my side of the family. Fortunately festivities don’t get going ’til later in the afternoon. So that means I had the whole morning to relax, open the gift from the hubs (a gorgeous necklace from our pal Carol of, eat, bake, and wrap gifts. Oh, and sneak in a workout. Yes I did.

I thought about going for a run, then decided to do a bootcamp workout from I’ve done this workout in the past and been sore for days. It’s an ass-kicker, at least for a couch potato like me. While I kicked bootay outside, Long Dong Silver (my husband’s preferred nickname) rocked out to his new Clash box set (his gift from yours truly.)

Week 1 Day 1 starts with sprints, then moves on to lunges with kicks, push-ups, squats, side planks, more squats, and tricep dips. I remember doing this workout a while back and feeling sore in muscles I didn’t know I had. I love that feeling.


Here are my fellow bootcampers. They especially loved the sprinting. And they seemed to enjoy challenging me by sticking their nose or dirty toys in my face as I struggled to maintain my balance. They’re supportive that way. Sure, it’s easy to balance when you have 4 legs. Show-offs.

I have to admit I’m proud of myself for getting out there and moving today. It was a gift I gave myself, I guess. Considering that the past few days has been all egg nog and scotcheroos, I think it was the least I could do (at least before the diabetic coma sets in.) Now I think I may even have time to sneak in a nap before the next wave of flying wrapping paper, noshing, and booze-facing (is that even a word? It’s definitely a thing I know, because it’s a common occurrence around these parts.) I hear my couch calling…

Here’s to everything in moderation. And happy holidays everyone.