An Ah-Ha Moment

What does it mean to be healthy? I mean everyone has a different definition depending on where they are in their own lives. If I took a poll of people I know – friends, family members, co-workers – each one would probably give me a generic definition then a more specific one depending on their own unique circumstances. Since this is my blog I get the floor, so to speak, to share what health means to me.

I guess I’ve been pretty fortunate, health-wise. I don’t have a chronic disease, not even allergies, really. So it’s been pretty easy to take my health for granted. It’s always been there. But I know people who live with various chronic conditions and I can see that it’s not always easy. Someone I am very close to battled breast cancer, and lived to tell the tale thankfully. So losing sight of my current healthy body is not an option for me. I’ve been very lucky – so far.

Ok, so I’m not struggling with any chronic disease, broken bone, or illness. I am able to get up off the couch any time I please. So…why does it seem so difficult? Why do I make progress only to stop before reaching my goal? I can’t say that it’s because of a health problem. Is it a confidence problem? Lack of will? Fear of failure? Fear of success?

comfort zone

All my life I’ve been very happy in my comfort zone. Hey, it’s been doing me fine all these years. I can eat, drink, exercise, do whatever I want with little repercussion. That won’t last, though. And I’m worried that I don’t have what it takes to get me to my goal next year of completing that race series. I don’t worry that my body won’t be able to do it, I worry that I won’t have the will or determination to see it through. That I’ll curl up in my comfort zone rather than challenge myself to do the thing I think I cannot do.

Ever since I started this blog (like a whole week or two ago) I have vacillated between feeling really excited and proud, and then terrified and vulnerable. I mean anyone can read this. Anyone. People who actually know me. And complete strangers. I am putting myself out there in a very honest way and that scares the crap out of me. But ultimately I’m sitting here trying to figure out my own sh*t just like everyone else. This happens to be the venue in which I want to express myself.

So hey! Guess what? This is what it feels like to leave your comfort zone! Ah-ha! It’s really scary here in-between comfort and big change. But I’m out here now, so I should just keep moving forward, right? I want to because I’ve got a goal. A really huge one. I want to do it for myself, because I don’t think I can see it through, and I need to prove myself wrong. And I want to do it for all those people who can’t. People dealing with chemo, or surgery, or… fear. I want to do it for them too.

run while u can

I better run,


1 thought on “An Ah-Ha Moment

  1. Thanks for writing every day and moving foward for all of us that any minute are going to vault off our couches into the in-between with you. Nice job being our North Star kitten.

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