Winter Games

Being a lifelong New Englander I have always enjoyed winter activities. Back when I was a kid I loved playing outside. We were always sledding, skating, skiing, even riding our bikes in the snow. Snowsuits, boots, hat hair, and mittens connected by yarn were a few of my favorite things (and still are). As was coming in from the cold to a steaming mug of hot chocolate with melty Fluff. (Nowadays I’ll take that hot cocoa with a shot of peppermint schnapps thank you.) I loved being a kid in the winter. There was so much to do. And the snow! I still get excited about the prospect of snow, and the possibility of a snow day off from school. And c’mon you winter haters – even you have to admit that coming in from the cold to a toasty fire and a hot drink is pretty sweet.

And to this day I still enjoy winter activities. I snowboard – Level: Novice. Green circles for me, thanks. My husband got me into it. And I wish I could keep up with him out there. He’s so good he makes it look easy. And it is anything but. Even though it’s difficult for me, I get out there every year and play on the mountain. That’s the thing about being outside in the winter – I better be having fun. Otherwise I’m just cold, then cranky. I also have snowshoes so I can hike with the puppydogs. I am not averse to bundling up to do a run or bootcamp exercise outside either. It helps immensely that I have two German Shepherds who would play outside from dawn to dusk if I let them.



Today I went ice skating for the first time in over twenty years. At first I thought I wouldn’t remember how to do it. I’d fall on my face and/or break my ass. None of those things happened. I hugged the railing for all of 30 feet then I was off! Skating. I was with a few of my favorite family members and the time flew by just chatting and skating laps. I definitely want to do that again. Although, I had to rent skates, and now my feet feel raw and sore. I should invest in a decent pair of ice skates. What I thought would be a fun activity (possibly) turned into a fair workout. I got my sweat on.

So the moral of today’s post is that it is possible to find fun outdoor activities in the winter time. And this comes from someone whose favorite thing is couch surfing – Level: Expert. And the secondary moral is that if I’m going to get out there and get fit for life then I better enjoy myself. If it’s not fun then why would I do it? I do plenty of un-fun stuff all week (hello dishes, litterbox, commuting, house cleaning, blah blah blah), so if I’m adding in one more thing to do, on my already too-long To-Do list, then it better be enjoyable. And I say the same to you. Find something that you like and then go do it. As for me, I’m gonna keep running and playing… and hopefully a little less couch-surfing.

I think I hear that hot toddy calling me,


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