The Action is Go

Deep breath.

Ok. It is time to make a plan. The first race in the series is in April, which is a whole 4 months away. The procrastinator in me would wait until March to get on this, but that’s not how I’m gonna roll this year. I’m looking into 10k races in March. Most training plans for beginners are about 8 weeks. That gives me plenty of time to get back into running form. I’ve got a good plan, but I have no idea where I found it. But Runner’s World, Iron Girl/Athleta, and Hal Higdon all have good ones. They’re all different, which means there isn’t one Holy Grail to race training. I have to do what works for me.

So my plan is to follow this mysteriously sourced 10k training plan as well as the Boot Camp from I’ve already completed 2 of the 3 workouts from week 1, so my intention is to keep tackling those as well.

Week 1 (Starting January 4, 2014)  looks like this:

Monday – boot camp

Tuesday – 1.5 mile run

Wednesday – boot camp

Thursday – 1.5 mile run

Friday – rest

Saturday – 2 mile run and boot camp

Sunday – 25-30 minute easy run

Since today is Friday (and a snow day!) I’ll just take it easy. Kidding! Sort of. No, I will get in the other boot camp workout as well as 2 runs before Monday. That’s doable.


Alrighty then. Enough said. Time to boogie.


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