Weekend Update

The tree has been taken down and all the decorations put in the attic until next year. Christmas vacation is officially over. It’s a school night. And I cannot complain because we had two full weeks off this year. I can tell it’s the beginning of a new year because I’m chock full of motivation and enthusiasm and my gym is packed with like-minded folk. So here’s what I’ve been up to since I last posted. I did accomplish my goal of getting in the other boot camp workout and 2 runs. Both runs were on the treadmill because it’s -50* around here (or feels that way.) Yay me. Annnnd I signed up for a 10k March 16th (The Shamrock Shuffle via www.shrinkingjeans.net ). And I’m likely signing up for the Holyoke Road Race on March 22nd too. I actually will, I just haven’t yet. Yes, folks, the big girl panties are on and I am making forward progress.

Today’s workout was particularly good. I pulled it off Pinterest from Popsugar.treadmillIt ended up being about 3 miles, and it was a good, sweaty workout. I felt a twinge of pain in my left hip so I spent several minutes on the foam roller afterwards. Note to self: must purchase a foam roller asap. Mileage total for the week/year: 5 miles.

On the agenda for the rest of this lovely Sunday evening: dinner with my man, oyster shooters, hot tub, and tv. Heaven.

Tomorrow is the official start of my training program. I have a goal – March 16th – 10 weeks to get myself together to run a 10k. I can totally accomplish this. This is doable. As long as I ignore the call of the couch and follow my plans.

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