From Couch Potato to… Champion???

Ever on the lookout for inspiration I bought myself a new book last weekend. I haven’t gotten very far in it because I keep going back to re-read previous chapters. The book is called “The Champion’s Mind: How Great Athletes Think, Train, and Thrive” by Jim Afremow.champions mind And for me, who is so not an athlete, this has been a bit of a sociological curiosity; peeking into the mind of some strange creature who strives for excellence. I realized that I so don’t think like a champion or an athlete or anything even closely related to that mindset.

This book is chock-full of helpful advice to get the athlete (or champion if you prefer) to the next level. My goals are not so lofty: I’m just looking to exercise more regularly. But a couple of gems did stick out as applicable to me so far:

Schedule the right number of daily challenges. An unrealistic plan is a self-defeating plan. Undoable plans are disheartening, so schedule a reasonable number of tasks. At sunset savor what you’ve done, albeit done so far.

I have not been able to get myself to do every one of the scheduled workouts for the past two weeks. To my credit I’ve done 4 of the 6, which is not so bad. It’s pretty darn good, actually, and better than it’s been in a while in fact. But my fitness plan for after school, and my gigantic, ginormous goal of the race series are unrealistic. At this time. I have to scale them down because I am getting discouraged and disheartened. And that makes me want to sit on the couch and watch 17 hours of Parks and Recreation. Not that I did that or anything. Just sayin’… Don’t judge me.

Here’s another one:

You are stronger than the initial discomfort experienced in staying disciplined while working hard or changing habits. To achieve positive outcomes, imagine the good feeling of striking off each item on your list. Life is a series of choices, and time is a treasure. That being true, own your game by making good choices and using time wisely.

I don’t like to be uncomfortable. And I am wayyyyy out of my comfort zone with this blog. But I’m going forward. This is important to me. These goals are important to me. I don’t want to throw in the towel because I’m going in too strong and getting overwhelmed. This is a process. Weight isn’t gained in a day and it doesn’t come off after one workout. It’s making choices every day. Healthy choices. Athletes, champions, whatever…isn’t a status you achieve. It’s a state of mind that is chosen every day.

So this week I am going to set a few more realistic goals because the alternative is that I just quit. And champions don’t quit (so I’m told. I wouldn’t really know). Well I guess if they did quit they wouldn’t be called champions. They’d be called couch potatoes. Touche.

I will make a more reasonable workout schedule for the upcoming week. And I will get in a workout today. It’s time to stop working against myself. For the past 2 weeks all I’ve done is tried to talk myself out of my workouts and my goals. Exercise is fun for me. Or at least it was once upon a time. But I haven’t been having much fun lately.

My self-imposed guilt trip stops now.

Off to strike some stuff from my to-do list,


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