Not My Monkeys

So I guess this blog is where I go to vent and/or ramble. I don’t have a fitness topic to discuss per se, but I do have something on my mind and a little realization that has been percolating in my little pea brain. I need to vent and/or ramble this realization out.

monkeysHave you ever had a week just chock full of annoyances? Please don’t shatter my fragile ego by saying no. I cannot be the only one who finds ten thousand things annoying before 10 am.

This week has been particularly trying for me. It started out well enough, riding the high of a good 5k performance on Sunday. But it took a turn south fast, man. Nothing related to my husband, dogs, home, or family. They’re all good and I love them all dearly and certainly would never bash them way up here on my virtual soapbox. Mostly it was work and commuting that made me want to purchase firearms. (I kid! I have access. I kid again! I don’t know what to do with that sort of thing, and have no interest in actually harming anyone or anything. Seriously). Anyhoo…I’ve been laying low at work, keeping my head down, not getting into too many skirmishes. But there have been issues. And I have my opinions about said issues. And I stay quiet. And all those unsaid opinions fester.

This morning I woke up with a little Polish proverb in my head:

not my circus

Being the good Polish girl that I am, I started repeating that in my head as I watched students park in faculty parking spots. It happened again as I was in the staff restroom and a student burst in and then said “Oops! Awkward!” and backed out again. Yes it is awkward that you’re in high school and you can’t read a sign on the door that says “STAFF ONLY”.

And then another funny thing happened. My opinions started coming out of my mouth. I have spent many a year keeping my voice quiet and my opinions locked inside. When the safety valve bursts I feel as though I have a tendency to keep it “too real” sometimes and end up later regretting it. Well look out family and friends because I am over it. I have a lot to say and I’m not staying shut any more.

Of course if it’s not my circus or my monkeys, then I won’t bother. Part of being healthy is not only eating right and exercising, it is finding your voice and using it for the betterment of yourself and those around you. It’s for freeing yourself from gossip and negativity. It’s for letting go of pointless drama and parking spaces close to the building. It’s for laughing at the ridiculousness of the daily grind, and remembering that we are but a tiny speck on a flea on a monkey’s ass.

And it’s for having a good laugh when the monkeys wear you down.

monkey washing a cat

monkey washing a cat

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