The Couch Potato Strikes Again

Hello Dear Reader(s)!

I have not fallen off the face of the earth, but have been laying low. Low on motivation, low on goal-setting, low on exercise, low on ideas to write about. Just feeling low… Honestly I wasn’t sure what I was doing with this blog or where it was headed. It occurred to me that I originally wanted this blog to help me be accountable, but it hasn’t been working. I really need a trainer, or someone to be accountable to, because working solo ‘aint actually cutting it.

So…I got in touch with a fitness fanatic/trainer extraordinaire friend of mine and told her that I have a goal to run a half-marathon, but I just can’t seem to get myself moving to do it. She asked me when the race is. Derp. Ummm…In my mind. In the foggy vagueness of the “future”.

So Step one: Pick a race. Done. I picked the ING Half Marathon in Hartford, CT on October 11, 2014. It’s a good 5 1/2 months away, which means either: plenty of time to build my base, or plenty of time to procrastinate. Ever the optimist I am hopeful it will be the former. But in reality it gives me time to do both. And that’s what will happen. I’ll be all gung-ho now and then bored, tired, and lazy in a few weeks, etc. etc. into oblivion. How do I avoid that? Must outsmart myself. So I recruited a fellow fitness enthusiast and sometime-runner buddy to do the half and she’s up for it. Yay! Accountability.

Step two: Sign up for an interim race. Done. I’m going to do the Chasing the Sun virtual 10k on June 29th. This will keep me motivated for the next 2 months, and give me the confidence to keep training for those longer runs throughout the summer. Hopefully. Fingers crossed.

Step three: Take a breath and try not to panic. Right now I’m securing a support network of past marathoners, trainers, and friends, and now sharing this big news with all of you (or both of you) to help me stay on track and do this thang!

Step four: Summon my mental courage. I mean this has been a goal of mine for years, but I never had the courage to do it. Sh*t just got real. I paid real money for this. More importantly I’m sick and tired of letting myself down. And I’m sick of the fear. Do I believe I can do this? Yes. Yes I do. For now it’s just time to get over myself.


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