Last Week’s Workouts – Week 5

Last week’s workouts (week 4) were impressive for a couch potato like me. This past week’s, however left something to be desired. I had another 4 runs scheduled but only completed 2. Whomp whomp. But I added a strength workout as well, so that doesn’t suck.
The truth is that my week was self-induced stress with IEP meetings, difficult parents (not mine. Mine are beautiful. Love you!) and a death in the family. A good workout would have alleviated some of the stress, and I know that. But knowing and doing are two different things. Plus wakes and funerals and visiting with family takes time. Time away from exercise.

Despite all of that…here’s what I accomplished:

  • Monday – strength
  • Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday – dog walks and stress eating
  • Saturday – 3 miles/35 minute training run
  • Sunday – 4 mile/45 minute training run

My strength routine was something I made up:

  • 50 reps or seconds of each exercise with 15 pound weights:
  1. squats
  2. lunges
  3. plank
  4. mountain climbers
  5. pushups
  6. wall sit
  7. triceps
  8. biceps
  9. step ups
  10. balancing dead lifts

It was an ass-kicker; much tougher than I thought.

Today is the start of a new week (#6 of the training plan) and tougher workouts. I’ve got longer runs (buh-bye 2 milers…you’re my warm up now). But I am ready. Even though I only did 2 of the 4 scheduled runs, I purposely did the 2 toughest. I didn’t wimp out. My mantra was “finish strong” and I ended up picking up the pace for the last 1/4 mile of both runs. Pat on the back…

And today being Memorial Day means we have a picnic to attend. Bob’s been smoking brisket since yesterday and our whole neighborhood smells like smoked meat (in the best possible way). I’m looking forward to playing with my nieces and nephews, avoiding the chips and dip, and remembering Tom Coogan: family friend, godfather/grandfather, Marine, World War II and Korea veteran, and beautiful soul. You will be missed.

Hope everyone has a lovely day.

Last Week’s Workouts


I am training for my first ever 10K in June, and so I intend to stick to my training plan like peanut butter to a bagel. I just completed Week 4 of the plan I’m currently using (courtesy of and it went as follows:

  • Monday: Run 35 minutes (2.76 miles)
    Tuesday: Run 2 miles (in 22 minutes)
  • Wednesday Thursday Friday (rest? What happened???)
    Saturday: Run 30 minutes (2.64 miles)
    Sunday: Run 3 miles (in 34 min)

In addition, every morning before school I walked/got dragged by my dogs.  And I planned to get to a yoga class and do some strength training, but somehow that didn’t happen. Whomp whomp. Excuses, galore if you’re interested. But ultimately I got my 4 – count ’em! – 4 runs in last week and that feels pretty effing excellent.

I did invest in a new pair of kicks last week too. Back when I first started this running thang I went to a running store and had my gait evaluated and my first pair of shoes ended up being Asics. I loved them but replaced them with lots of other brands since then. All in the name of saving a few dollars. The fact is that Asics are the best running shoe I’ve tried to date. When I started to feel pain on the outside of my foot the other day (running in Sauconys I bought on super sale at TJ Maxx), I realized I have to go back to what works. So I ordered the Asics Gel Nimbus 15 from and got them in 2 days. And my two runs this past weekend were great.

Lest you think my inner couch potato has been neglected, I’ll have you know I also finished watching seasons 3 of Downton Abbey (Matthew! Really?!?!), and started season 1 of Grimm (so far so good), finished the Divergent trilogy (meh). I guess I don’t really understand why those books are so popular because they didn’t really do it for me.  And The Fault in Our Stars (Love. So clever. So witty. So sad. So lovely. Read it. Please.). So I guess I’m looking for a new book too. For when I’m resting my hard-working legs after my runs. Or something.

BOOM! Bring on week 5 baby!


An Open Letter To My Nemesis: Fear

Dear Fear:

Since I signed up for the 10K and the half marathon, I have been running regularly two-three times per week (yay!), which is more than I’ve run in several weeks months. But I have also been FREAKING OUT. What have I done???? Who do I think I am? I can’t run a half marathon. I’m not a runner. I’m certainly not an athlete. AAAHHHHH!!!!! What makes me think that I, lowly couch potato-like human, can actually follow through and run 13.1 miles? I’m too old, too weak, too lazy, too _____.

And then…I took a breath and I got over myself.

I banish thee foul thoughts! And while it is true I cannot run a half marathon at this time, that’s why I have a training plan. Can I do the training run scheduled for today? Why yes I can. So does that make me a runner? Why yes it does. Does it make me an athlete? Welp, we’ll have to wait and see. I want to think so. If only being an athlete was just a state of mind…

As for the foul thoughts about my age, my strength, and my willpower…I can’t do anything about my age. I’ll be 44 when I step into the corral to run the half marathon in October. I could quit, give up, not bother to try because I think I’m too old. But I am running now (at 43 and 3/4), and there are lots of people a lot older than I who run marathons and ultras and all kinds of things. I did not see an age limit listed when I signed up for the race, and I know I won’t be oldest person there. There was no box to check that said “If you are over the age of 43 and 3/4 then go sit on your couch because you are TOO OLD”. They wanted my credit card info mostly. And another thing…if I chicken out now that will make me even older when I summon up the courage to try again. As for the strength and willpower…those are skills. I am improving – getting stronger both mentally and physically. I’m working on the willpower not to eat an entire pizza in one sitting, for instance. Then BOOM! Look at me! I am kicking ass and taking names.

So, Fear, this letter is part thank you for the gift of being afraid and part middle finger because I will not bow down to you. I believe that this insecurity, this anxiety, this temporary freak-out will only help me. I am not paralyzed with fear of failure (or success?) I am motivated by it. I have to focus on the mile I am running, not on the whole. I can do that. And maybe stick to two slices of pizza.

run the mile

So thank you Fear, but with all due respect go eff youself. I gotta run.