Last Week’s Workouts


I am training for my first ever 10K in June, and so I intend to stick to my training plan like peanut butter to a bagel. I just completed Week 4 of the plan I’m currently using (courtesy of and it went as follows:

  • Monday: Run 35 minutes (2.76 miles)
    Tuesday: Run 2 miles (in 22 minutes)
  • Wednesday Thursday Friday (rest? What happened???)
    Saturday: Run 30 minutes (2.64 miles)
    Sunday: Run 3 miles (in 34 min)

In addition, every morning before school I walked/got dragged by my dogs.  And I planned to get to a yoga class and do some strength training, but somehow that didn’t happen. Whomp whomp. Excuses, galore if you’re interested. But ultimately I got my 4 – count ’em! – 4 runs in last week and that feels pretty effing excellent.

I did invest in a new pair of kicks last week too. Back when I first started this running thang I went to a running store and had my gait evaluated and my first pair of shoes ended up being Asics. I loved them but replaced them with lots of other brands since then. All in the name of saving a few dollars. The fact is that Asics are the best running shoe I’ve tried to date. When I started to feel pain on the outside of my foot the other day (running in Sauconys I bought on super sale at TJ Maxx), I realized I have to go back to what works. So I ordered the Asics Gel Nimbus 15 from and got them in 2 days. And my two runs this past weekend were great.

Lest you think my inner couch potato has been neglected, I’ll have you know I also finished watching seasons 3 of Downton Abbey (Matthew! Really?!?!), and started season 1 of Grimm (so far so good), finished the Divergent trilogy (meh). I guess I don’t really understand why those books are so popular because they didn’t really do it for me.  And The Fault in Our Stars (Love. So clever. So witty. So sad. So lovely. Read it. Please.). So I guess I’m looking for a new book too. For when I’m resting my hard-working legs after my runs. Or something.

BOOM! Bring on week 5 baby!


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