Workouts and a Photo Challenge

This week’s post is a two-parter. First let’s focus on the workouts, cuz I’m feeling pretty good about my 10k training so far. I’ve been progressing through my training program, following it pretty closely, but not perfectly. Life gets in the way, ya know how that goes… This past week I was able to get out and run 3 times – a 3 miler, a 40 minute (3.5 miler), with the longest run yesterday. I dominated 4 whole miles! Well, if by dominated I mean I ran at a snail’s pace, then yes! That’s what I did! In addition to that awesomeness, I also did this strength workout twice:

courtesy of

courtesy of

I used a 15 pound kettle bell and it kicked my ass. Holy smoking quads, Batman! I was able to do 10 rounds (that’s 100 reps, folks).

And on another completely random topic. No decent segue here I guess…

I enjoy taking photos, although you couldn’t really tell from this blog. But my Facebook and Instagram accounts are chock-full of more pictures of my pups than anyone wants to see. By some stroke of fortuitousness (huh?) good luck today I received 2 different photo challenges. If anyone wants to join in go to and/or Perfect timing, I thought. I may follow one plan or I may pick and choose. Who knows?! I’m wild and crazy like that!

Since it’s June 2nd, I’ll post 2 photos and be all caught up.

Here’s the first, taken yesterday, June 1st: Morning Me


Morning Me (Day 1)

Morning Me (Day 1)

This was taken right after my 4 mile run. And it just goes to show what a complete dork I am. I have no idea how to take a decent selfie, obvs. You didn’t think I was going to post my morning hair did you?? Or anything prior to coffee, because that would be horrifying for all involved.

Moving on to today: June Goals

Photo Challenge June 2014

June Goals (Day 2)

Yes, my big goal for the month is the 10K on the 29th. I am determined to run it from start to finish. I am not concerned about time, because for me it’s all endurance and proving to myself that I can. do. this.

And I am doing this. I just banged out 4 miles like, well, like it was running 4 miles. It wasn’t easy is what I’m saying. But I’m feeling proud and determined. And really thankful that my body and my legs are healthy and strong.

That is all. Peace out.


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