June Photo Challenge – Day 3

The topic today is “New Challenge”. Hmmm… so many possibilities! Which one to choose?? My first thought naturally went to running, but I quickly ruled that out because: a) that’s not new, and b) I’m not going to take another picture of my calendar or training program, and c) I’ve got more going on than that.

Such as: kicking sugar out of my diet, cleaning my closets (yikes! The bags. The shoes! All that I can’t bear to part with is now spilling into and all over my office), getting rid of those bastard carpenter bees that are eating my house (I will get you, emmeneffers. Mark my words…), or how about not dying of EEE due to the 5 billion plus mosquitoes in my yard?

I could go on, but Couch Potato is looking for some attention, so I’m gonna make this short and sweet. If anyone out there knows how to help me with a rascally puppydog who gets into all sorts of non-edibles that he should definitely not get into, then let me know.

This is what I came home to today. Dio seems to be getting ready for Christmas a tad early. I also could have posted the photos of half-eaten mail, the stack of photos that “disappeared” but he left the bag as evidence, or the shredded dollar bill (we call him “fiftycent” now).

New Challenges (Day 3)

New Challenges (Day 3)

He’s on the naughty list for sure this year.

But the truth is, he’ll eat the coal too.

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