Photo Challenge – Day 4

Yum. I love breakfast and never, ever skip it. Or I become crankier and more obnoxous than usual, and no one within 100 yards of me wants that to happen.

My usual weekday breakfast is oatmeal with cranberries, banana, and peanutbutter, eaten out of Tupperware on my way to school. Plus a gallon of coffee. That aint gonna make a pretty picture, though, so instead I thought I’d share what I typically enjoy before my weekend runs:

Breakfast (Day 4)

Breakfast (Day 4) #shrinkingjeans

Now that it’s starting to warm up around New England I’m trying to be more mindful of being well-hydrated prior to my run. It worked out pretty well to drink some water and coconut water before the big 4 mile run this past Sunday. And I love peanutbutter and banana on a whole wheat English muffin. It’s a no-fail combo pre-run meal.

Annnnd now I’m hungry…

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