Race Day Recap and Photo Challenge Wrap Up


Day 28 (My Gym) #shrinkingjeans

Day 29 (Virtual Race)

Day 29 (Virtual Race)

I couldn’t have asked for a better day, weather-wise. It was sunny and warm, with a nice cool breeze. A perfect summer day for a 10K. Except that I didn’t run 6 miles. I had been taking it easy all week in preparation for my 6.3 mile run this Sunday. And in my infinite wisdom I thought it would be a good idea to do a little kettle bell workout on Saturday. Annnnd that’s when I hurt my back. Strained muscle, nothing serious, but had me hobbled all day Saturday and definitely not in race-ready shape on Sunday. Despite this setback, I started out on my route, fully intending to do the 6, but my back had different plans. I suffered through the 3 miles then had to walk the 1.3 miles back to my car. Utterly defeated. Technically it could have been considered a Did Not Finish, but since it was a virtual 5K, 10K, or 1 mile fun run, I gave myself a 5K finish. Am I disappointed? Unfortunately yes. Is that cheating? I hope not – well cheating myself, I guess.

Ten weeks spent on that training. Ten weeks I (mostly) followed the training plan. Ten weeks of highs and lows and commitment and enjoyment and pain and fun. All thrown out the window because I did not finish the 10K.

My confidence is gone. I’m starting to think I cannot do the half marathon in October. I don’t even know if I want to anymore. Maybe I can defer my payment on the race to another race, maybe another 10K?

As Bobby, my wise and wonderful husband, would tell me, “this is a first world problem”. And he’d be right, of course. This isn’t necessary to my survival. This is a hobby, something I do for “fun”. I do this because this is how I want to spend some of my time. [Side note – other first world problems: venting on your blog, photo challenges, and kettle bell injuries]. I shouldn’t give up. I’ve had a setback, but I made a commitment and I ought to keep it.

So, no more pity party. Back in the big girl panties… I am starting a new training plan this week, and this week’s runs include two 5-milers and a 6-miler. Here’s my second chance I guess. Can I do it? Probably… Yes… I don’t know!!

OK…time to get a grip. I’ve got 15 weeks until the half. Plenty of time. Take a breath – the race isn’t this weekend. I honestly thought I was being smart, planning a 10k early in the summer to jump-start my marathon training. And it was a good idea. I’m there. I can do it, just because I didn’t yesterday doesn’t mean I couldn’t tomorrow. I can. And I will. Shake off the bad run and keep moving forward. Regroup and make a new plan.


Moving on to the last photo of the month! It’s supposed to be a Before/After of me, but since I never took a “before” photo, I had to come up with something else.

Day 30 (Before)

Day 30 (Before)

Day 30 (After)

Day 30 (After)










When all else fails, a snap or two of my D-Man always makes me feel better. He was the cutest puppy. Look at that beautiful puppy face. We thought he was so sweet and calm. Little did we know that he was all tuckered out when we met him. He’s 4 now and just as sweet, with a devilish side to him that I am both infuriated and amused by (most of the time).

I guess it’s time to get over my first world problems and make a new playlist, choke down a few ibuprofen, hug my puppy dog, and get my butt back out there. If anyone out there has any advice for me I’d love to hear it.


2 thoughts on “Race Day Recap and Photo Challenge Wrap Up

  1. Life happens!
    This is one small set back, and really had nothing to do with your training, planning, or ability to run 10k, it was a weird timing incident and you picked the right option by not playing through the pain, but listening to your body and going home to prevent an injury and fight another day. Totally get siked for a half marathon. Maybe avoid any new or intense workouts the week before, and taper wisely. Wait until your back is better before you keep at it, there are other ways to stay active while it heals, and honestly a week off is not going to hurt anything. What is going to hurt, is your back, if you push it, and really injure it, and are then out for a month or two!
    You got this, take an extra rest day or two, chill with that adorable dog, for pictures of whom i will now be following you for 😀 (puppy envy!), and when everything feels awesome again, go for it. Chin up!

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