Spa Day

Once again it is hazy, hot, and humid. In other words, a typical July day in New England. I wanted to go to the beach, but it isn’t very sunny either. So I opted for a few water games at home.
Before I get to that I should say that I went to the gym to run 4 miles. I did the interval training that I posted yesterday. It was a decent workout again today too. And then I did about 10 minutes of stretching:

running stretches

Lotus and Dio

Lotus and Dio

When I got home it was time for these two monkeys to get a bath. We started with a good brushing with the Furminator, which is the best tool if you have double-coated pets. After I brushed a shopping bag-full of fur off of them, it was bath time.

While we waited for Bobby to come home and help me – there’s no way I can bathe these two monsters by myself – I put all their toys in a bin filled with water.


Dio loving the brush

Dio loving the brush

Lotus enduring the bath

Lotus enduring the bath


They are nice and clean now, cooled off from the heat of the day, and waiting for their beds to get out of the laundry. And I’m ready for a spa day of my own…

What a Difference a Week Makes

If last week had me questioning what the hell I am doing training for a half marathon, then this week was just the boost my confidence needed to keep me moving forward. Here’s how the workouts went down (via I jumped in on week 6):

Monday – Rest. (along with a pouty pity party)
Tuesday – 5 mile run through the neighborhood. The weather was hazy and hot with 75% humidity. This run was slooow, slower than usual. I took lots of walk breaks so I didn’t die while I was out there. I was soaked by the time I got home.
Wednesday – I made up a strength routine that involved balance and improving strength on both sides of my body. I didn’t write it down though, so from memory I did 15 reps of: bird dogs, planks (30 seconds), mountain climbers, deadlifts, bridges with leg lifts…basically lots of ab and leg work on the floor because it was too effing hot to be outside.

Thursday – 4 miles on the treadmill at the gym with this workout:



It was a great boredom buster and I sweated buckets, so I’ll definitely use this one again. Maybe tomorrow…

Friday – Rest with some strength but I just wasn’t feeling it. It was a very rainy and cool Independence Day, and we went to my in-laws’. I got some much needed baby nephew snuggle-time, and really tried to moderate the booze-facing because I knew I had my long run scheduled for the next morning.

Saturday – 6 mile run. It was a gorgeous day, with tons of wind and no humidity at all. Perfect for my long run. And I made a few new friends:

005 These chickens – there were probably 30 or so of them altogether – followed me everywhere I went. I thought they were going to get on the bike trail with me to do my run, so I had to enlist someone’s help to divert their attention away from me. It was very funny, but so strange at the same time. Like, who did they think I was? Mama Chicken? The Pied Piper? The Chicken Whisperer?

Sunday – 2 mile walk with the pups.006

So, this means I am back on track with my training. My setback from last week was just a hiccup. I’m good. I’m motivated.

As for next week, well, I’m back to work teaching summer school. Honestly, I’m looking forward to getting back. The two weeks off has been wonderful and I love vacation, but I am glad to have the structure back in my schedule. And I’m looking forward to seeing my students again, of course.

Since I am starting to get into longer runs (more than 1 hour), I can’t ignore my nutrition any longer. I bought some Vega Protein Powder for smoothies after my runs. And I’m going to start counting my macros I swear. Soon. Meanwhile it is still summer vacation and I have oyster shooters and burgers on the grill waiting for me.

Enjoy the week, peeps…