What’s So Great About Tuesday?

I don’t really understand the point of Tuesday. What’s it got going for it? It’s not the dreaded first day of the work week, like Monday. It’s not Hump Day, like Wednesday. It’s not Almost Friday, like Thursday. And it’s not close to the weekend. It’s just a second Monday I guess, and I am not ok with that. One is more than enough, thank you.

Well I’d like to change Tuesday’s bad rep (in my humble opinion anyway). How about Manicure Tuesday? That doesn’t work as well as Manicure Monday…Toenails Tuesday? I do need to take better care of my tootsies, especially the one that my running shoes have permanently disfigured…

Taco Tuesday? With a bonus Tequila Tuesday? Getting better…Of course if I start with Tequila my nails might not look so good.

I think I got it.

treat yoself

Treat Yo Self! Tuesday. I’m going to follow this excellent advice with a little tequila, a few tacos, some nail polish, and an afternoon run (will it be Treadmill Tuesday??), not necessarily in that order.

How will you treat yo self on this lovely Tuesday?


NU Hartford Half Marathon Recap

I’m so proud of myself. The race was last week (October 11th) and it was an amazing experience. One I will be repeating. To recap:

I woke up bright and early (4:30) because I’m a dork and also terribly excited and nervous. I was also super nauseous. I made the same breakfast I always eat before a long run – oatmeal with banana and peanut butter. I could barely choke it down. I had my bag packed and everything ready to go; even Bob was up and out by 5:45. Fun fact: we saw a herd of deer at the end of our road as we were leaving. Cool!

The trip to Hartford was uneventful, other than my queasy stomach and nerves. It was still dark out and the only other cars on the road were also going to the race. How do I know? All the 13.1 and 26.2 stickers. That, and there were supposed to be, like 19,000 people there, so the odds were good we all were going to the same place.

Once we got into Hartford, Bob scored us a great parking spot – easy in and out, and close to the start/finish line. Since we arrived super early we had no trouble at all.

It was cold, dark, and starting to rain as we walked up to the Capitol to meet my friend and our pace group. All of that stuff went surprisingly smooth considering there were a crap ton of people there. But everyone was pretty friendly and excited. There was great energy buzzing around despite the worsening weather. We ended up standing around for a good half hour before we lined up to start, and I was ready to go already!! Or throw up in anticipation…

Our pace group (2:40) lined up in the back and waited. There were announcements, the National Anthem, all of that got us amped up, then they fired the starting gun and we were off, slowly.

Hartford Capitol in the background

Starting line with the Hartford Capitol building in the background

I used MapMyRun (I love that app) because I wanted to add this run to my weekly miles, plus I just wanted my own record of it. The time and everything isn’t completely accurate because I started it too early (before I went over the starting line), and I forgot to turn it off at the end. But that’s ok. That’s what the chip timer is for.

The course was great. Plenty of variety – through parts of the city, into various neighborhoods (the Brazilian restaurant smelled so divine!), past all kinds of cool landmarks: the Wadsworth Antheneum, Mark Twain’s House, and Harriet Beecher Stowe’s House, plus a pretty park, and UConn. There were a few good hills (and by good I mean bad), but nothing I couldn’t handle!!

The pace group was a great choice. We lost them at the beginning, but connected with them somewhere in the middle. The pace leader was great – super friendly and encouraging. She would say things like “we’re almost to the park, and I think of that as the last leg of the run” (we were nowhere near the park at that point). And “this is the last hill” (it wasn’t). And “we’re in the home stretch now (with a good 3 miles to go). She was great because I believed her and just kept going, thinking that we were almost done when we had quite a bit left to do. It was a clever strategy. Somehow she was able to keep my spirits up despite the constant rain and chill.



The rain sucked. No lie. I was soaked and freezing by the end (hell, by the beginning!!), but I was not miserable at all. Right before I went into the chute to the finish line, I saw Bobby. He snapped a photo of me. I was so happy to see him. Hell, I was just so happy I was almost done! But to see him cheering for me, freezing his ass off, and to know I was so close to the finish, I almost started to cry. My goal, my dream to complete a half marathon, to do my best, it had come true. And it was as wonderful as I could have imagined. I’m so glad that Bob was there with me to support me and cheer for me. That made the moment even more special.

So close!!

So close!!

Feeling the endorphins!

Feeling the endorphins!

Bob keeps calling me an athlete. I like the sound of that.

Our Kitchen Renovation in One Short Post

If only a kitchen renovation was as quick and simple as a blog post. We started the process at the beginning of July and I’m just now starting to feel like I have our home back to normal. But I suppose ours was not a horror story at all. Everything went pretty smoothly. The contractors were really good – they showed up on time and finished the job (except for a couple of small things; more on that in a minute).

We knew what we wanted and needed, and we also knew how much we wanted to spend. Part of the reason we hadn’t done this back when we moved into our little home seven years ago is that we didn’t want to shell out the money we knew we would have to pay to have the kitchen we want. But circumstances have a way of forcing one’s hand. And in this case I had grown so frustrated with our ugly kitchen that I refused to have people over to the house. In all honesty our kitchen was falling apart: broken cupboard doors, broken dishwasher , tile counter top cracked, and on and on…well, here are a few snaps of the old and ugly kitchen:

026 001 027 025

As you can see, these pictures were taken as we were dismantling the old cabinets, dishwasher and range hood. But you get the idea: ugly, outdated, dysfunctional and small.

We didn’t change the size of the kitchen, but we did take care of the outdated, ugly, and dysfunctional.

Here is the work in progress (check out the doggie photo bombers):

033 032 029 028 031 038 034 048 047 046

We lived in various states of disrepair for about a month. We had dishes and cookware all over the house, no matter how I tried to keep everything organized. We kept a good sense of humor about it all (honestly!). We used lots of paper plates, like we were camping. We also grilled most nights or had takeout, or just went out to eat. It seemed like the house was never going to get back to normal. But we toughed it and out and the end result was totally worth it (I think):

061 060 059 058 056 055 054 053 052

We didn’t change the floor because it’s in decent shape. We intend to improve the lighting (I know it doesn’t look that great in the photos) one of these days.

It’s really difficult for me to pick my favorite thing about the new kitchen. It’s so easy to keep clean, the dishwasher is a dream, the sink and faucet….amazeballs. I love it all and we are so happy with how it came out.

The only things we need to do now are to fix and stain the window trim and replace one of the cabinet doors (it arrived with a small hole in it). Those are such minor things, and we can still use the kitchen, so I’m a happy little camper.

So that’s the story, morning glory. Anyone ever renovate? Did it go well or was it a horror?


In case you didn’t notice, I decided to change my blog name. Maybe part of the reason I haven’t been writing much is that I wasn’t feeling it with the “Inner Couch Potato”. While I am a couch potato and certainly feel the inner struggle to get off the couch to exercise, the name just doesn’t seem to fit anymore.

I have spent the past several months training for a half marathon that I completed just 5 days ago. That experience changed me. For the better. I’m hooked on running now and want to keep that going for as long as I can. Plus, I’m not a spring chicken, and won’t be getting any younger, sooo… I think this name fits me better.

It’s not that my overall¬†goals have changed from my humble beginnings with this blog a mere 10 months ago. I’m still striving to get my ass off the couch and build my confidence with fitness.

But now that my *first* half marathon is in the rearview mirror, I am thinking about setting a new goal or 2. While I am still pondering that I will leave you with my favorite boy dog and his favorite red ball…


Where Have I Been??

Oh man, have I totally neglected my little blog. Sorry! In all honesty I have been feeling ambivalent about it. Do I want to keep writing? Does anyone even care if I do or not? More importantly, do I even care? And I guess, after some soul searching, I do.

So how to sum up where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing since my last post in July?? Hmmm…how about a haiku?


Kitchen remodel
Running lots every week
Half marathon done!

Ok. So that about does it…

In all seriousness, though, I do wish I had documented more of all of that. So I guess what I will have to do is play a little game of catch up. I’ll fill y’all in on the kitchen remodel, complete with before/during/after photos. And the half marathon, which (spoiler alert!) was ah-mazing! Truly fantastic. But I don’t want to give too much away yet.

I just wanted to come back and say hi. So, hi…what’s going on in your world? Anyone care to haiku back?