In case you didn’t notice, I decided to change my blog name. Maybe part of the reason I haven’t been writing much is that I wasn’t feeling it with the “Inner Couch Potato”. While I am a couch potato and certainly feel the inner struggle to get off the couch to exercise, the name just doesn’t seem to fit anymore.

I have spent the past several months training for a half marathon that I completed just 5 days ago. That experience changed me. For the better. I’m hooked on running now and want to keep that going for as long as I can. Plus, I’m not a spring chicken, and won’t be getting any younger, sooo… I think this name fits me better.

It’s not that my overall goals have changed from my humble beginnings with this blog a mere 10 months ago. I’m still striving to get my ass off the couch and build my confidence with fitness.

But now that my *first* half marathon is in the rearview mirror, I am thinking about setting a new goal or 2. While I am still pondering that I will leave you with my favorite boy dog and his favorite red ball…


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