What’s So Great About Tuesday?

I don’t really understand the point of Tuesday. What’s it got going for it? It’s not the dreaded first day of the work week, like Monday. It’s not Hump Day, like Wednesday. It’s not Almost Friday, like Thursday. And it’s not close to the weekend. It’s just a second Monday I guess, and I am not ok with that. One is more than enough, thank you.

Well I’d like to change Tuesday’s bad rep (in my humble opinion anyway). How about Manicure Tuesday? That doesn’t work as well as Manicure Monday…Toenails Tuesday? I do need to take better care of my tootsies, especially the one that my running shoes have permanently disfigured…

Taco Tuesday? With a bonus Tequila Tuesday? Getting better…Of course if I start with Tequila my nails might not look so good.

I think I got it.

treat yoself

Treat Yo Self! Tuesday. I’m going to follow this excellent advice with a little tequila, a few tacos, some nail polish, and an afternoon run (will it be Treadmill Tuesday??), not necessarily in that order.

How will you treat yo self on this lovely Tuesday?


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