The Benefits of Going Slow

I learned this important lesson this week. It applies to so many areas of one’s life: trying to walk across an icy school parking lot while holding several bags and trying to look cute, driving in the snow (which happened a lot this week), reading an important contract (also happened), making a difficult decision (yup), and running any distance.

I read several blogs regularly, check out lots of running-related articles online, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I am officially sick of people complaining about how slow they run when they can outpace me handily (or footily, I guess).

And yes, I’ve seen all those inspirational pins on Pinterest about only competing with oneself and you’re lapping everyone on the couch, blah, blah, blah. Technically that is true. But it is so annoying to me, who is speed-challenged, to read about someone’s ‘disappointing’ run when they would have kicked my ass twice over by the time I crossed the finish line. It annoys me and since this is my blog I get to vent about it all I want here. So there.

Alrighty…rant officially over. And so is my vacation. I went back to work this week and changed up my routine a bit. It actually worked wonderfully well I am happy to report. What did I do? I baked up a batch of banana oat energy bars for Bobby and me to eat for breakfast, thus eliminating the need to make a batch of oatmeal every morning. I also did a big grocery shop the weekend before, which we never used to do, preferring to shop several times a week instead (so wasteful of time, money, and most importantly food). I made my lunches the night before, packed and ready. So in the wee early morning hours all I had to do was shower, dress, walk the dogs, grab my lunch bag and go. It worked like a dream.

The other schedule issue was motivating my ass to run and/or strength train after school. So often I don’t want to (said in my best whiny voice) because I’m tired, but I have a schedule and I planned for it and I actually followed through! It’s quite an achievement. Pat. On. The. Back.

My view this week

My view this week

So let’s break it down:

  • Monday 1/5/15: Stretch and strengthen – I’m digging the Skimble app and Yoga Studio app for this – short and sweet plus push-up and squat challenges from
  • Tuesday 1/6/15: 3.5 mile run around the work neighborhood. Froze my ass off – figuratively. I wish it were literally. I think.
  • Wednesday 1/7/15: skipped 3 mile run to go to Kohl’s and buy thermal running tights. I think that was a smart decision.
  • Thursday 1/8/15: 3 mile intervals on the treadmill (because it’s -50 -freeze-my-ass-cold)
  • Friday 1/9/15: Ordered Chinese food and called it a week.
  • Saturday 1/10/15: 4 mile intervals on the treadmill (cuz it’s still ass-freezing cold and I have Netflix. Winning!)
  • Sunday 1/11/15: 5 mile intervals on the treadmill. It was supposed to be 9, but I won’t bore you with the gory details…it just wasn’t happening for me. I tried.)
  • Total miles for week/year: 15.5/27.8
  • Total number of push ups/squats for the week: 103/403


Next week will be more of the same, while also trying to figure out how to get to the hospital to see my Gram. Send her some positive vibes please.

Stay warm out there.

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