Our Kitchen Renovation in One Short Post

If only a kitchen renovation was as quick and simple as a blog post. We started the process at the beginning of July and I’m just now starting to feel like I have our home back to normal. But I suppose ours was not a horror story at all. Everything went pretty smoothly. The contractors were really good – they showed up on time and finished the job (except for a couple of small things; more on that in a minute).

We knew what we wanted and needed, and we also knew how much we wanted to spend. Part of the reason we hadn’t done this back when we moved into our little home seven years ago is that we didn’t want to shell out the money we knew we would have to pay to have the kitchen we want. But circumstances have a way of forcing one’s hand. And in this case I had grown so frustrated with our ugly kitchen that I refused to have people over to the house. In all honesty our kitchen was falling apart: broken cupboard doors, broken dishwasher , tile counter top cracked, and on and on…well, here are a few snaps of the old and ugly kitchen:

026 001 027 025

As you can see, these pictures were taken as we were dismantling the old cabinets, dishwasher and range hood. But you get the idea: ugly, outdated, dysfunctional and small.

We didn’t change the size of the kitchen, but we did take care of the outdated, ugly, and dysfunctional.

Here is the work in progress (check out the doggie photo bombers):

033 032 029 028 031 038 034 048 047 046

We lived in various states of disrepair for about a month. We had dishes and cookware all over the house, no matter how I tried to keep everything organized. We kept a good sense of humor about it all (honestly!). We used lots of paper plates, like we were camping. We also grilled most nights or had takeout, or just went out to eat. It seemed like the house was never going to get back to normal. But we toughed it and out and the end result was totally worth it (I think):

061 060 059 058 056 055 054 053 052

We didn’t change the floor because it’s in decent shape. We intend to improve the lighting (I know it doesn’t look that great in the photos) one of these days.

It’s really difficult for me to pick my favorite thing about the new kitchen. It’s so easy to keep clean, the dishwasher is a dream, the sink and faucet….amazeballs. I love it all and we are so happy with how it came out.

The only things we need to do now are to fix and stain the window trim and replace one of the cabinet doors (it arrived with a small hole in it). Those are such minor things, and we can still use the kitchen, so I’m a happy little camper.

So that’s the story, morning glory. Anyone ever renovate? Did it go well or was it a horror?