Photo Challenge and Running Update

Hello Hello!

Hope all of y’all had a lovely weekend. It was picture-perfect here where I am, and I did take a photo or 2 for my June Photo Challenge. I realize I haven’t posted a pic since last Thursday, so I have some catching up to do…couch potato strikes again.

But first! I must recount my workouts for the week (#7 of the 10K training plan). It was a week full of errands and obligations that totally messed up my training schedule, but somehow I did manage to squeeze in a treadmill run on Tuesday (2 miles). Then this past Saturday I ran 3 miles and Sunday I dominated a 60 minute run! Oh yes I did! Ok, dominated may be too strong a word. How about – I didn’t pass out or hobble my way to the end? I totally forgot to bring my phone, so I wasn’t able to track my mileage, but I guesstimate it was somewhere in the neighborhood of 5.5 miles. Sh*t yeah! I’m proud. Pat on the back. Can I run for an hour? Why yes. Yes I can. That’s a pretty decent accomplishment and I’d like to bask in that for a moment…Ok thanks. Moving on…

Photo challenge catch up! Last week I left off on Friday June 6th. That just so happened to also be high school graduation night, so I was a bit busy with all kinds of celebration and merry-making. I snapped this photo at the beginning of the day. I should have snapped another at the end because all that craptastickness was crossed off! Booyah!!

Day 6 (List) #shrinkingjeans

Day 6 (List) #shrinkingjeans

These are my new favorite weights. I just started learning how to use a kettle bell and it is a serious cardio and strength workout. I love that I can get a good, sweaty workout done in just a few minutes with these babies.

Day 7 (Weights) #shrinkingjeans

Day 7 (Weights) #shrinkingjeans

Here’s a great quote that I have totally been living by recently. Since running 4  miles and now 60 minutes (holla!), I have a new appreciation and respect for my legs. They’ve always been something I’ve been self-conscious of, but now I’m beginning to love them. My legs are strong and healthy and will carry me through that 10K in a couple of weeks. I just know it. (Of course they are also covered in itchy mosquito bites, but that’s just ‘cuz I’m so sweet. Or something.)

Day 8 (Fitspiration) #shrinkingjeans

Day 8 (Fitspiration) #shrinkingjeans

And today’s photo is of my peanut. My baby girl. My monkey. This is Lotus acting like the maniac that she is. She is a girl who cannot resist the lure of the hose. I just love this picture of her.

Day 9 (Movement) #shrinkingjeans

Day 9 (Movement) #shrinkingjeans

That’s it for now. I’m off to play connect the mosquito bites…


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