It Was the Best of Runs, It Was the Worst of Runs

Today was the virtual 10k that I signed up for back in January. I had to make the difficult and frustrating decision not to push for the 10k due to medical reasons. I have to listen to my body; I’m not 23 anymore. I have a mortgage and a job and bills. I know I’m not invincible. So I downsized to the 5k. I didn’t do any preparation for it – in that I didn’t run at all until today.

Race swag

Finisher’s medal, t-shirt, and swanky skin care swag

Today was bitterly cold. And windy. And icy. I’m lucky I didn’t break my coccyx. But I did it. I got out there and ran with the wind in my face. The whole time. At least that’s how it felt anyway. My legs were heavy, my pace was slow, but I ran and I finished and I was so proud of myself. I am proud of myself. I was nervous to get out there because I didn’t know what I was going to be able to do, but I figured worst case scenario I walk the 3.1 miles. Aint no thang. And my start and end point was the bagel place by the bike trail, so I was going to have my bagel and latte no matter what. That was my mantra when my teeth were chattering and the wind was freezing my brain: “bagel and latte, bagel and latte”. It seemed to propel me toward the finish line.


With my finisher’s medal and my pal Dio

5k results

I wish I could bottle the excellent feelings I have right now. While I was running I kept wondering what the hell I was doing. But now that I’m done I just feel really jazzed that I did it. And the fact that the weather was so brutal makes my victory all that sweeter. I am more motivated to get out and run than ever before. Now I know I can.

What’s on the agenda for the rest of this beautiful Sunday?

  • Netflix by the fire. I earned some well deserved couch potato time.
  • Laundry
  • Corned beef and Harpoon Long Thaw (seems appropriate today)
  • Hot tubbin’!!
  • NCAA Tournament Selection Show. Go UMASS!

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